Would you trust this man with your money? Or would you trust Sir James Crosby?

December 21st, 2008

Andy Hornby, former chief executive, HBOS

Charming guy, Andy Hornby. But would you trust him with your money?

If you’re interested in reading a bit more about his amazingly responsible stewardship of HBOS, just click on the links. However, when doing so it is worth remembering who it was who set HBOS on its path towards self-destruction – Hornby’s predecessor, Sir James Crosby. It is also worth remembering that the chairman who allowed these two fellows to destroy the bank was Lord Stevenson (otherwise known as Baron Henry Dennistoun Stevenson of Coddenham).

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2 Comments for “Would you trust this man with your money? Or would you trust Sir James Crosby?”

  1. Trevor Whitehead, Buckie

    There are many, many people who believe that what Hornby really deserves a long spell at Her Majesty’s leisure.

  2. Hornby AND CROSBY from HBOS are prime examples of the “new breed” of “bankers” who actively rely on stealth measures to do “business”, banking on their ability to pull off dodgy deals: and believing they are immune from the consequences of their actions as long as they keep the truth covered up.

    Yet their days are numbered. For Truth, like a Tsunami, sweeps in change and renewal at any time, overturning and moving the stagnant energies – and even the Banking Cartel will be unable to resist such a force, based on power far greater than theirs.

    It is only a matter of time and reaching ‘critical mass’ in consciousness, where Public awareness suddenly awakens to the huge illusion of their ways… the Banking Cartel are starting to be exposed for what they are: that is, a force for World Misery that has set up a Production Line of widely-marketed stuff called “money”, created our of debt and backed by Illusion, and comprising nothing more than a gigantic sandcastle of delusionary fantasy projecting imperious “success” that is reliant upon control, stealth, deception, manipulation and greed for its survival.

    The latter three are now showing their true colours, and, as ‘Cause and Effect’ kicks into play, whilst the banksters are now fighting for their lives to preserve their unworkable and myopic paradigm, the former two (control and stealth) are steadily and increasingly, being laid bare and getting ready to be relinquished.

    Once this process is complete, the banksters innocent prey (the Public), will no longer unwittingly allowing themselves to be used as sacrificial lambs to ‘balance’ their books. This will result in empowered Nations that intelligently opt OUT of the IMF, overthrow their long-standing and clandestine oppressors, take back their power, control their own money supply based on Free Trade and ‘greenback notes’ through democratically-run and honest governments, and find that the bar is raised and standards are miraculously improved to the degree that these measures are adopted.

    These new governments will focus on empowering the individual rather than creating dependency, and on unleashing the creative mindset which restores economies, encouraging self-government and personal accountability based on a World environment that relies upon an inner sense of safety, first and foremost, cultivated out of restoring value to the enduring qualities that have been left unused for several decades.

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