Praise for Ian Fraser

“It’s truly refreshing to read a mainstream financial journalist and commentator who isn’t still in thrall to the people who caused this mess in the first place”Tom Nicol, Almanac Consulting

“Ian Fraser’s extensive knowledge of the business world and his clean, elegant copy are highly valued.”Sam Gallagher, publisher, Bladonmore Media

“Ian is a first rate business journalist with a bulging contacts book and a keen eye for a story”Carlos Alba, former editor, Sunday Times Scotland

“Ian Fraser has written extensively about goings on in the HBOS corporate lending department. Given the hair-raising nature of so many of the stories that surround HBOS, it’s difficult to understand why it is only now that we have confirmation of some sort of regulatory enquiry”Paul Murphy, associate editor, Financial Times

“We need more journalists of Ian Fraser’s calibre, who are able to delve into the often arcane world of high finance and to take a strong, independent viewpoint. We may never see the perp walk that the British public richly deserves but, by keeping vigil, we might avoid sleepwalking into another financial crisis”Robert Alstead, The Edinburgh Guide

“Ian Fraser is tenacious, hard-working and extremely reliable. He is also a top writer and a jolly decent human being”Kenny Kemp, former business editor, Sunday Herald

“Ian is a meticulous and probing business journalist with an eye for accuracy and an ability to cut through the PR froth”Noel Young, former editor, Sunday Mail

“Ian Fraser’s articles on China were excellent. They provided a better guide to the opportunities — and the risks — of private equity investment in China than anything else I’ve read”Shaun Rein, founder and managing director, China Market Research

“Ian Fraser’s Sunday Times column on Edinburgh was spot on! What planet does City of Edinburgh Council live on? Do they ever go outside their offices? Do they ever try and cross the road or drive around Scotland’s embarrassing capital? I hope he keeps giving them a hard time — they deserve it!”David Watt, director, Institute of Directors Scotland

“Ian Fraser’s Del Boy piece [“How the wheels came off at Standard Life“] was a real cracker — well done indeed”Ronnie Sloan, consulting actuary

“Ian Fraser is one of the most far-sighted, engaging and downright hard-working journalists in Scotland. He has spotted stories, uncovered scandals and written about them in a detailed and accessible way that leaves many in the dust”Eamonn O’Neill, associate professor, Edinburgh Napier University

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