Fred now more valuable than Britney Spears

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23 March 2009

The paparazzi have a new target. Yes it’s the panto-villain of the credit crunch, Sir Fred Goodwin.

According to a report published in today’s Guardian (Rich Pickings) Sir Fred Goodwin is now worth more than Britney Spears and about as much as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their kids.  If you’re a paparazzo, that is.

Dave Ofield, picture editor of the London Evening Standard, was quoted as saying that the first picture of Fred the Shred “enjoying himself” or spending some of his ill-gotten gains would earn a photographer about £30,000. Ofield said: “He’s currently worth more than Britney, maybe hovering around the Brad and Angelina with kids price.”

“He’s become the face of the credit crunch after he refused to reduce his pension,” says Steve Beech, a London-based news journalist currently on Goodwin’s tail. “Since he went to ground, pretty much every one of Goodwin’s addresses in the whole country and even in Spain is being staked out. If he breaks cover he’s going to have snappers and TV cameras following him as if he’s Michael Jackson.”

It makes you wonder if Fred might have been better advised to have handed back some of his pension after all.

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