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Writing the wrongs of the financial crash

By Ian Fraser Published: Sunday Herald Date: August 25th, 2013 FOUR decades of laissez-faire policies have left Britain as a deeply indebted and uncompetitive economy that is unable to pay its way in the world and incapable of rediscovering its economic mojo, according to a number of economists and speakers at the Edinburgh International Book Festival last […]

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Jesse Eisinger: We’ve created a system that rewards bankers for skulduggery and fraud

January 4th, 2012 In this interview Pullitzer-prize-winning US financial journalist Jesse Eisinger comments on the balance sheet obfuscation still favoured by America’s banks and on why no chief executive of a US bank, or indeed any other senior banker (with the possible exception of a couple in Ireland and Iceland), has been prosecuted or jailed for […]

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Dear David Cameron: Entrusting economic policy to ex-investment bankers is no solution

September 7th, 2012 When David Cameron reshuffled his cabinet earlier this week, the arrival of a trio City of London bankers and consultants at Her Majesty’s Treasury went almost unnoticed. The three men are Paul Deighton, a former Goldman Sachs partner and chief operating officer for Europe (pictured above), Sajid Javid, a former global head of credit […]

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Senate tells HSBC: Shape up or get out of the United States

July 18th, 2012 Senator Carl Levin has given an ultimatum to HSBC, after a lax approach to money-laundering for drugs cartels and terrorist groups saw the banking giant fail to review thousands of suspicious transactions or properly to vet clients over the past decade. Levin, famous for berating Goldman Sachs’ executives over their “shitty deals“, […]

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Sheila Bair: Governments must now stand up to the banks and force through profound change

July 17th, 2012 In this interview with Bill Moyers, Sheila Bair, the former chairperson of the FDIC, describes the Libor rigging scandal as a wake up call for governments around the world. She says that governments, including the US government, must now “stand up to the banks and tell them they need to start doing business differently, […]

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You’re telling me that Ben Bernanke is full of s**t? How securitizations work

June 29th, 2012 I just love this one. Apologies in advance to the sensitive, in case you’re offended by the repeated use of a certain word. It was made using Xtranormal h/t Anat Admati, professor of finance and economics Stanford Graduate School of Business. Follow Anat on twitter

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Hyper traders have transformed our markets into a fragmented web of chaos

May 3rd, 2012 By Joe Saluzzi and Sal Arnuk of Themis Trading LLC This Sunday marks the second anniversary of the May 6th Flash Crash of 2010. As we all trade in this extremely low-volume trading environment, it is fitting that we recap where we stand today. Listening to the conference call discussing NYSE Euronext’s […]

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This interview with Chris Hedges is a tour de force

May 3rd, 2012 In this interview and Q&A session broadcast on C-Span2’s Book TV‘s In Depth Chris Hedges provides a devastating analysis of what what’s gone wrong with America and, by extension, the world. It is long, but it is rewarding viewing. Hedges, a former Pullitzer Prize-winning New York Times foreign correspondent and author of books […]

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CBI and Barclays still ensnared by the delusion of performance-related pay

By Ian Fraser Published: QFINANCE Date: April 27th, 2012 The debate over executive pay is turning ugly. In the UK, investor disquiet about the unwarranted rewards routinely doled out to bankers despite weak and unethically achieved performance is reaching boiling point. It could well explode at the Barclays AGM in London’s Royal Festival Hall which […]

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I’m a former banker, a one per center, and I’m mad as hell too

November 4th, 2011 By John Fullerton Despite the media’s portrayal, Occupy Wall Street is all about taking back democracy Let’s be clear. The Occupy movement is not a product of frustration, as President Obama, Treasury Secretary Geithner, and now Eric Cantor have suggested. Frustration is passive; anger is active. Martin Luther King was not frustrated. […]

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