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Breakthrough in RBS trial as judge orders bank to produce Fred’s emails


By Ian Fraser Published: Sunday Herald Date: 29 March 2015 Note: This is an unedited version of the article that was published in the Sunday Herald on 29 March 2015. This draft dates from 20 March 2015. The published version is available here. The Royal Bank of Scotland has been rapped over the knuckles by a […]

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Was Mallett thrown to the wolves to save BoE’s skin?

Photo: Andrew Winning/Reuters

November 12th, 2014 Guest Post by Rowan Bosworth-Davies One of the major unexplained elements in the foreign exchange (forex) rigging case is the level of knowledge of manipulative activity possessed by the Bank of England. If it, as a leading market participant and a regulator, had prior knowledge that the forex markets were being manipulated, or […]

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The Parliamentary Review: Review of the Year in Finance

Image: William Banzai 7

By Ian Fraser Published: The Parliamentary Review Date: September 30th, 2013 The Libor scandal It was described as the banking industry’s ‘tobacco moment’. In June last year, Barclays was fined £290 million by US and UK regulators and judicial authorities after it admitted to systematically rigging the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (Libor). Libor is the […]

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Stephen Hester: The great escape artist

RBS Libor rigging

By Ian Fraser Published: Sunday Herald Date: February 10th, 2013 It has been described as the biggest banking felony in history … yet no-one has been prosecuted for the Libor fixing scandal. Ian Fraser looks at the RBS sacrificial lambs.  [An edited version of this article was published on pages 34-35 the Sunday Herald on […]

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UBS ‘rogue’ trader Adoboli behind London’s biggest fraud, claims QC

Kweku Adoboli arrives at SCC

September 14th, 2012 Kweku Adoboli, a former UBS’s trader, was a  ‘rogue’ who fraudulently gambled away the bank’s money, “cooked the books”, doctored documents, faked profits, fabricated clients and lied to his bosses to boost his earnings power, according to an opening statement from prosecutor Sasha Wass QC in Southwark Crown Court today. Wass, of 6 […]

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Matt Taibbi: “I cannot imagine how a sane person could describe Libor rigging as a victimless crime”

Matt Taibbi

July 20th, 2012 I entirely agree with Matt Taibbi here. Rush transcript from Democracy Now below:- JUAN GONZÁLEZ: We end today’s show with Matt Taibbi. He’s a contributing editor for Rolling Stone magazine. His most recent in-depth piece is “The Scam Wall Street Learned from the Mafia: How America’s Biggest Banks Took Part in a […]

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Loss of trust

Fred Goodwin

By Ian Fraser Published: Signet Magazine Date: July 16th, 2012 (minor edits March 28th, 2013) Scottish banking was once renowned for prudential management. Today the association is rather different. Financial journalist Ian Fraser gives his view of events behind the collapse of RBS and HBOS and calls for a Leveson-style inquiry. PDF version of this […]

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The Royal Bank of Scotland’s world of pain

Atlas holding up the Earth Greece

By Ian Fraser Published: July 15th, 2012 Published: Sunday Herald In his glory days Fred Goodwin aspired to make Royal Bank of Scotland a global bank on which the sun never set. Corporate videos extolling the group’s global reach were routinely played at investor meetings. His legacy is a world of trouble, with the bank […]

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Do big banks need to worry about being found out over Libor?

Bob Diamond leaves Portcullis House

July 8th, 2012 The eventual outcome of the global Libor rigging scandal is impossible to call at this stage. There is a body of opinion that it might end up being a storm in a teacup (sounds familiar?), given that regulators and courts might end up stuggling to establish who got scammed and the true […]

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Sentencing of former Nigerian politician highlights London’s role as world-leading money laundering centre

Money laundering

April 16th, 2012 Barclays, Citibank, HSBC and Abbey National (now owned by Santander) helped to launder some $250 million for James Ibori,  former the former governor of Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta State. The money was almost entirely siphoned from state funds. Ibori has been described by Sahara Reporters as:- “one of the most ingenious and mindless embezzlers of […]

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