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Moore: banking system cannot be rebuilt without forensic inquiry

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3 November 2009 Paul Moore, the whistleblower who was personally fired by HBOS chief executive Sir James Crosby for raising red flags about the bank’s sales-mad culture, appeared on Channel 4 News earlier this evening. Moore, whose testimony provided welcome relief from the disingenuous claptrap we heard from guilty bank …

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Myners talks sense about bank reform

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1 August 2009 There were some revealing, and indeed disturbing, snippets and insights in today’s excellent “Leading Questions” interview with the City minister, Lord Myners. Following a successful career at Wedd Durlacher, the Daily Telegraph, NM Rothschild and Gartmore, Paul Myners was asked to become a government minister by Gordon …

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Are ‘Big Four’ accountants a waste of space?

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Updated 5 April 2009 From the evidence submitted to the Treasury Select Committee’s inquiry into the banking crisis, one might conclude that the profession of accountancy as practiced in the UK is past its sell-by date, clinging to the vestiges of power and influence by its fingernails and in urgent …