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Osborne should break up RBS and Lloyds, not chase a fast buck


March 11th, 2015 Britain’s banks would never have been able to get away with behaving as badly as they have done, missell as many products or ruin as many viable UK small and medium-sized enterprises if their sector had been subject to proper competition, the former entrepreneur-in-residence at the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, Lawrence Tomlinson, […]

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Jenkins: Three outrageous myths bankers have used to kill reform

Jenkins, Robert, FSIP

December 7th, 2013 (minor edits December 8th, 2013) Robert Jenkins, a former member of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee, says that bankers have successfully convinced policymakers and pundits at both an G20 and a UK level that three outrageous myths are true in order to see off post-crisis regulatory reforms. According to Jenkins, […]

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Fantastic, amazing, a triumph! The bankers’ view of the FCA redress scheme


October 24th, 2013 By Honestly Banking The banks’ Interest Rate Swaps scam ruined businesses across the UK. Having explained how ‘interest rate swaps’ work and why they were sold in previous posts, we asked the undercover banker Honestly Banking to tell how the banks have managed to get themselves made judge and jury in the processing […]

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Hester got RBS back on an even keel

Stephen Hester, CEO, RBS

By Ian Fraser Published: Daily Record Date: June 13th, 2013 Stephen Hester’s five years at the helm of Royal Bank of Scotland were nothing if not tumultuous. Under his predecessor, Fred Goodwin, retail banking operations were used as a cash cow to fund overseas expansion, staff were demoralised by a regime of fear, and many […]

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Jesse Eisinger: We’ve created a system that rewards bankers for skulduggery and fraud

Jesse Eisinger

January 4th, 2012 In this interview Pullitzer-prize-winning US financial journalist Jesse Eisinger comments on the balance sheet obfuscation still favoured by America’s banks and on why no chief executive of a US bank, or indeed any other senior banker (with the possible exception of a couple in Ireland and Iceland), has been prosecuted or jailed for […]

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HSBC’s $1.9bn settlement sets (another) dangerous precedent

HSBC - the laundry

December 15th, 2012 Image: WilliamBanzai7 The ‘settlements’ that London-headquartered banks HSBC and Standard Chartered have reached with the US authorities over serious criminal offences — including sanctions-busting and aiding and abetting terrorism and the global drug trade — are a travesty of justice. Even The Economist, a publication of which I am not usually fan, had […]

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Book review: Going for broke

The National Monument, Calton Hill; photo by Jim Downie

By Ian Fraser Published: Scottish Review of Books Date November 17th, 2012 It was intended as a memorial to the Scots who died in the Napoleonic Wars. But it wasn’t long before the incomplete replica of the Parthenon on Calton Hill was labelled ‘Edinburgh’s disgrace’. This was because the so-called National Monument was left half-finished, with […]

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12-year-old Victoria Grant: “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world”

Victoria Grant

October 21st, 2012 Twelve-year-old Victoria Grant explains why her homeland, Canada, and most of the rest of the world, have become enslaved by debt. She gave this remarkable six-minute speech on April 27th, 2012, at the Public Banking in America Conference, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Here’s what SmartKnowledgeEU had to say about Victoria Grant […]

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Michael Hudson: how finance capitalism leads to debt servitude

Drowning in debt Washington

October 19th, 2012 This edited transcript is expanded from a live phone interview with Michael Hudson by Dimitris Yannopoulos for Athens News. It summarizes some of the major themes from Hudson’s new book, The Bubble and Beyond: Fictitious Capital, Debt Deflation and Global Crisis, published in the UK in July 2012 and available from Amazon.co.uk. The […]

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It’s time that errant bankers were made to grip the rails at the Old Bailey

Ols Baley - sword and scales of Justice

October 18th, 2012 By Rowan Bosworth-Davies “Go where you will, in business parts, or meet who you like of businessmen, it is – and has been for the last three years – the same story and the same lament. Dishonesty, untruth, and what may, in plain English, be termed mercantile swindling within the limits of […]

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