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How to drive cultural change in the banking sector

1 June 2016 By Cat MacLean On Tuesday 24th May I had the privilege of being asked to speak at Westminster – a first for me. The event was organised by a group of MPs, led by Calum Kerr, and lobbyists, all passionate about driving cultural change in British banking. The title of my talk […]

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George Osborne unveils a quack cure for RBS

11th November 2015 It was midway between the canon of lamb and the passing of the port that George Osborne rose to his feet. Addressing a room of 350 white-tie wearing bankers, the 44-year-old Chancellor of the Exchequer seemed to have a spring in his step. Just a few weeks earlier, the Tories had won a […]

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The Moldovan Connection

By Ian Fraser and Richard Smith Published: Sunday Herald Date: 21 June 2015 How modest homes in some of Scotland’s poorest areas became prolific ‘company factories’. The inside story by Ian Fraser and Richard Smith. (Photo: Google Street View) It’s a humble ground-floor flat in Royston Mains Street in Pilton – the Edinburgh housing estate […]

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Osborne fires starting gun on Royal Bank of Scotland disposal

10th June, 2015 George Osborne has confirmed that the UK government will start selling off its £32bn stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland at a loss, insisting any delay would be bad for the economy, taxpayers and bank. Addressing the annual Mansion House dinner in the City of London, Osborne said: “It’s the right thing […]

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Osborne should break up RBS and Lloyds, not chase a fast buck

March 11th, 2015 Britain’s banks would never have been able to get away with behaving as badly as they have, to missell as many financial products or ruin as many viable business customers if their sector had been subject to proper competition, the former entrepreneur-in-residence at the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, Lawrence Tomlinson, has said. […]

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Hard hats for bankers

By Ian Fraser Published: Business Quarter (BQ) Date: 13 October 2014 At a dinner to mark the departure of chief executive Stephen Hester in September 2013, the Royal Bank of Scotland’s finance director Bruce van Saun gave Hester’s anointed heir, Ross McEwan, an unusual present. Hester, a keen horseman, had been the bank’s chief executive […]

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Jenkins: Three outrageous myths bankers have used to kill reform

December 7th, 2013 (minor edits December 8th, 2013) Robert Jenkins, a former member of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee, says that bankers have successfully convinced policymakers and pundits at both an G20 and a UK level that three outrageous myths are true in order to see off post-crisis regulatory reforms. According to Jenkins, […]

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Fantastic, amazing, a triumph! The bankers’ view of the FCA redress scheme

October 24th, 2013 By Honestly Banking The banks’ Interest Rate Swaps scam ruined businesses across the UK. Having explained how ‘interest rate swaps’ work and why they were sold in previous posts, we asked the undercover banker Honestly Banking to tell how the banks have managed to get themselves made judge and jury in the […]

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Hester got RBS back on an even keel

By Ian Fraser Published: Daily Record Date: June 13th, 2013 Stephen Hester’s five years at the helm of Royal Bank of Scotland were nothing if not tumultuous. Under his predecessor, Fred Goodwin, retail banking operations were used as a cash cow to fund overseas expansion, staff were demoralised by a regime of fear, and many […]

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Jesse Eisinger: We’ve created a system that rewards bankers for skulduggery and fraud

January 4th, 2012 In this interview Pullitzer-prize-winning US financial journalist Jesse Eisinger comments on the balance sheet obfuscation still favoured by America’s banks and on why no chief executive of a US bank, or indeed any other senior banker (with the possible exception of a couple in Ireland and Iceland), has been prosecuted or jailed for […]

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