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Does Vickers go far enough?

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12 September 2011 This morning I was listening to Nicky Campbell’s phone-in programme on BBC Radio 5 Live. The topic was the final proposals of Sir John Vickers’ Independent Banking Commission for reforming the UK’s banking system, which were published this morning. To many, including Philip Augar (who since leaving the …

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Lack of liquidity bad for big bond funds

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By Ian Fraser Published: Financial Times Date: 3 July 2011 There were raised eyebrows in the City when fixed-income manager Rod Davidson declared recently that lack of liquidity in the market was making it impossible for the managers of large bond funds to actively manage their portfolios – and by …

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Martin Lewis: “The banks have behaved disgustingly”

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20 April 2011 The High Court in London has today ruled that UK banks must compensate millions of people who they ripped off by selling them often useless payment protection insurance (PPI). In the video Martin Lewis, founder of Money Saving Expert, accuses the banks of behaving “disgustingly” throughout the PPI scandal, and …