British government policy towards RBS leaves much to be desired

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7th June, 2015

Afshin Rattansi asked me about who was to blame for the Royal Bank of Scotland’s collapse, whether the 2008-09 bailout was mishandled, the scapegoating of Fred Goodwin by former prime minister Gordon Brown, and whether the government has a vested interest in airbrushing the bank’s crimes and misdemeanours, in view of its desire to offload its 80 per cent stake in the bank.

Afshin is host of RT-UK’s Going Underground programme. He earlier worked as a producer on BBC Radio 4 Today and in the BBC’s business and economics units. He also worked for as-Jazeera English in Dubai. Afshin is the winner of the 2002 Sony award for outstanding contribution to international journalism.

This interview was first broadcast on 24 July 2014 but I only just got around to posting it today.

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