Danny MacAskill’s “Way Back Home”

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12 January 2011


Okay, the parkour-cycling phenomenon Danny MacAskill used a mobile home to carry him and his bike part of the way from Edinburgh to his home town of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, but who cares?

Here’s what MacAskill said about the latest ‘Way Bank Home’ video: “I still can’t believe the first video [produced by David Sowerby in April 2009] reached so many people that actually liked it and passed it on. I mean, even Lance Armstrong thought it was a must see! Now I get to make another, even crazier video and basically ride my bike as a job. It doesn’t get any better than this.” (quote via pinkbike.com)

The original video, from April 2009, featuring a soundtrack from Band of Horses and filmed entirely in Edinburgh, has already had 23 million views on YouTube. In my view, this new one, which shows off the Scottish landscape in its full glory, is even better. It too was filmed, edited and directed by Dave Sowerby and the soundtrack is from Loch Lomond, a nine piece band from Portland Oregon (‘Wax & Wire’) and the Australian “intensindie” band The Jezabels (‘A Little Piece’).

The film resonates for me since, as a boy, I spent every summer on the Isle of Skye and know the route from Edinburgh to Dunvegan like the back of my hand.

Note: since posting this video, my mother has told me she thinks that Danny is the son of Peter MacAskill, a well-known local figure who had the foresight to renovate the Glendale watermill and set up one of Scotland’s leading restaurants, the Three Chimneys, complete with a restored black house behind.

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