An Irish financier tells it like it is

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18 February 2011

“Greed, greed, and more fecking greed.” This video was available on YouTube last year. Then it disappeared. But it is now back up. It is well worth a watch, although some might find the language a little strong. Thanks to Chris Skinner of the Financial Services Club blog for alerting me to this.

Update via Irish Central

The bearded guy is Denis Ryan, a native of Newport, Co Tipperary and a well-known entertainer and businessman in Canada. He is currently an investment banker in Halifax Nova Scotia. He left from Ireland to Canada in the 1960s and became a well-known musician and key member of Ryan’s Fancy, an Irish folk trio that was very successful in Canada in the 1970s and 1980s. In Summer 2009 he sang for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip during their royal visit to Nova Scotia.

The interview took place on a street in downtown Halifax.  The man who conducted the interview is Tony Quinn, a Canadian actor and comedian pretending to be Jason Calibri, a journalist for the fake media company the Financial News. Ryan told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) he set up the interview with Quinn as a way to vent his anger at what had happened. “I’m disgusted, as you can appreciate, growing up in that country and seeing what’s happened to it,” Ryan told CBC. He said members of his family back in Ireland are deeply suffering, he stated, “all because of the stupidity and greed of a few people, particularly the bankers.”